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What do I get?

First time customers get a full Enterprise license. Default download is a Docker container. After a year, the FREE license limits the amount of storage you can manage to 1024 TB.

What does FREE mean?

Simple. Use the downloaded version of the software FREE forever.

What about upgrades?

The FREE license applies to any particular version downloaded when that license was in effect. When you download an upgrade you may get another FREE license (if available) at that time. At this point there are no plans to change the FREE licensing, but of course this may change.

Does the FREE version have any other limitations?

No! The FREE version has full capabilities. Check out the full list of available features.

How can I remove the 1024 TB storage limit?

Simply upgrade to a full Enterprise license. Email us at

What if I don't want Docker? Can I also install in VMs and on barebone servers?

Of course. You can install directly from the repos. To get full access to repos and docs simply sign up (FREE).

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